Dan Mason

Dan has a Visual Arts Major from Griffith University where he studied a Bachelor of Arts degree. He has been selected as a finalist in several regional and national art prizes. His studio practice embraces the notion that continual process experimentation is the seed for deep ‘creative growth’.

His abstracted palette knife approach allows him the freedoms to continually explore differing surface tensions and interactions, even when referencing perceivably realistic subject matter.

" I am inspired by the ocean and our connection to the natural world - As a child we’d spend months at sea aboard the ships that my father worked on,  rolling with every wave.
Being a lifetime surfer has also shaped my love, respect and appreciation of our earthly environment.
It is my intention, through painting, to share the joys and challenges of our existence, to capture the layers and complexities that we face as humans and as custodians of our magnificent planet.

I work on several canvases over a period of time - the work is initially intuitive, making a mark, moving to the next, revisiting and responding to their individual energies - essentially allowing them to grow organically, they let me know when they're resolved with a vibration that I can only compare to looking into the eyes of a loved one."

Dan Mason 

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